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A bartender was famous for making a variety of drinks.  His 
specialties, however, were  daiquiris.  Daiquiris of many 
different flavors. Strawberry, lemon, water melon, almond....

The bartender was hired to work the ice breaker at a physicians'
conference.  During the course of the evening he ran short of 
almond extract.  

He recalled seeing several hickory trees growing on the grounds 
of the convention center.  Quickly he ran outside found several
fallen hickory nuts, rushed back to the bar, shelled the nuts, and
pressed the nut meat, producing several ounces of hickory extract.
He made up a batch of daiquiris and gave them to the waiters to 
take into the crowded convention hall.  

A few minutes later a conference attendee approached the 
bartender raving about how good his drink was.  He inquired of 
the bartender as to what flavor was this latest round of

The bartender replied, "That was a hickory daiquiri Doc!".