Three hunters, a Texan, a Californian and an Oregonian, are gathered
  around a campfire.  The three have been drinking and bragging about
  the virtues of their home states. Suddenly, the Texan says, "Watch
  this."  He opens a bottle of tequila, takes a swig, tosses it in the
  air, pulls out a pearl- handled revolver and shoots the bottle cleanly
  in two.

  "It's a shame to waste that good liquor," the Californian says.

  "It's OK," the Texan replies.  "Where I come from, we've got plenty of

  Not to be out done, the Californian pulls out a bottle of white
  Zinfandel.  He pulls off the cork, takes a drink, throws the bottle in
  the air, whips out an assault rifle and blasts the bottle, sending
  shards of glass everywhere.

  "Shame to waste good wine," the Texan says.

  "It's OK," the Californian says.  "We've got plenty in my state."

  At this point, the Oregonian stands up.  He pulls out a Henry's,
  twists off the cap and guzzles the entire beer.  He throws the bottle
  high in the air, pulls out a shotgun, empties both barrels into the
  Californian and neatly catches the bottle. The Texan stands in shock.
  The Oregonian calmly puts the gun down.

  "It's OK," he says, "We've got plenty of them in my state.  Besides,
  this bottle is worth a nickel.