Dave "JokeCzar" Rickards,

This one is a winner. I hope to hear it on your show soon.

Spreken ze dousche,

Brian "MurphDog" Murphy
North Clairemont


Four technology experts were golfing one day, 3 Americans and
 one Japanese gentleman. On the 7th green they hear a BEEP
 BEEP BEEP. The 1st American took a pen from his pocket,
 clicked it twice and said "Hello". After a short conversation, the
 man clicked the pen and put it back in his pocket. He beamed to the
 others that his company was good enough to do away with the cell
 phone and replace it with a cell pen. The others weren't  terribly
 A few holes later there came another series of BEEPS .  The 2nd
 American touched the palm of his right hand with the index finger of
 his left, then extended his thumb up and his pinky down. He put his
 to his head and said, "Hello." There was another conversation and he
 said,"Bye." He made the fist and told the other that his company was
 to the point of installing the microphone in the pinky and the speaker
 in the thumb. The first guy was impressed, the other two unmoved.
 A couple of holes later there was another BEEP and the 3rd
 American held his right hand high in the air and said "Hello."
 After his conversation he let the others know that he was so
 progressive he had a mic in his lip a speaker in his ear, and an
 antenna in his arm. The other two Americans were very impressed.
 The Japanese gentleman said nothing.
 On the final hole there was one more BEEP, followed by a
 SCREEEEECH...... The Japanese man ran to the bushes and
 disappeared. After a few moments his companions went over to see
 what was going on.  There he was, squatting in the bushes with his
 pants around his ankles. One of the observers hollered, "we have
 restrooms for that kind of business in this country!"
 The Japanese man exclaimed, "No, No, I'm waiting for a fax!!!!"