Well let me tell you a little story. A few years ago I was thinking of
getting into another business.
There was a circus in town and they advertised for a lion tamer. Well
after a few beers I went and
applied. There was one other person who applied for the job too and she
was a pretty attractive
female. Well, after being interviewed the circus owner told us that he
wanted to see both our
performances so down we went to the lion cage. The circus owner asked us
which one would like to go
first, so in my "usual" gentlemenly fashion I said.......ladies before
gentlemen. Well let me tell
you she was pretty good! after about five minutes in the cage she had
those cats jumping from barrel
to barrel, rolling over, begging, and jumping through rings of fire. At
the close of her audition,
she got the biggest cat in the cage to belly crawl right up to her feet.
When he got there he threw
his head up and started licking her pussy. Impressed, the circus owner
looked at me and said "Well
son, that a pretty good act do you think you can do better? With no
hesitation at all I looked him
straight in the eye and said............."Sure I can! get those cats out
of there and I'll prove it
to you". 

You will be happy to know I got the job and the lady in the story
offered to be my assistant for no
pay! She said the fringe benefits were more then enough compensation