Proctologists do it with a finger up where the sun don't shine.
Professors do it by the book.
Professors do it with class.
Professors forget to do it.
Programmers CYCLE forever, until you make them EXIT.
Programmers do it all night.
Programmers do it bottom-up.
Programmers do it by pushing and popping.
Programmers do it in higher levels.
Programmers do it in loops.
Programmers do it in software
Programmers do it on command.
Programmers do it top down.
Programmers do it with bugs.
Programmers repeat it until done.
Programmers will do it all night, but only if you are debugged.
Promiscuous hackers share resources.
Prostitutes do it at illegal addresses.
Prostitutes do it for profit.
Protestants do it unwillingly.
Psychologists do it with rats.
Psychiatrists do it for at least fifty dollars per session.
Psychiatrists do it on the couch.
Psychologists do it with rats.
Psychologists think they do it.
Public speakers do it orally.
Pyrotechnics experts do it with a blinding flash.
Quakers do it quietly.
Quantum mechanics do it in leaps.
RISC assembly programmers do it 1073741824 times a second.       
Racers like to come in first.
Racquetball players do it off the wall.
Radio Engineers do it till it MegaHertz.
Radio Engineers do it with Frequency.
Radio and TV Announcers broadcast it.
Radiocasters do it in the air.
Radiologists do it with high frequency.
Rally drivers do it sideways.
Rangers do it in the woods.
Real estate people know all the prime spots.
Recyclers use it again.
Reporters do it daily.
Reporters do it for a story.
Reporters do it for the sensation it causes.
Republicans do it to poor people.
Research professors do it only if they get grants.
Researchers are still looking for it.
Researchers do it with control.
Retailers move their merchandise.
Robots do it mechanically.
Rocket scientists do it with higher thrust.
Roofers do it on top.
Roofers do it up on top.
Roosters do it coquettishly.
Royal guards do it in uniforms.
Rugby players do it with leather balls.
Runners do it with vigor.
Runners get into more pants.
SAIL hackers do it with [Control].
SAIL hackers follow the procedure.
SAIL hackers have high service levels.
Sailors do it ad nauseam.
Sailors do it after cruising the seven seas.
Sailors get blown off shore.
Sailors like to be blown.
Salespeople have a way with their tongues.
Sceptics doubt about it.
Scientists discovered it.
Scientists do it experimentally.
Scientists do it with plenty of research.
Scotsmen do it with Amazing Grace.
Scuba divers do it deeper.
Second fiddles do it vilely.
Secretaries do it from 9 to 5.
Seismologists make the earth move.
Semanticists do it with meaning.
Senators do it on the floor.
Sergeants do it privately.
Set theorists do it with cardinals.
Shakespearean scholars do it... or don't do it, that is the question....
Sheep do it when led astray.
Shubert didn't finish it.
Simulation hackers do it with models.
Singers do it with microphones.
Skaters do it on ice.
Skeletons do it with a bone. 
Skeet Shooters do it 25 times in 9 different positions
Skiers do it spread eagled.
Skiers do it with poles.
Skiers go down fast.
Skunks do it instinctively.
Sky divers NEVER do it without a chute.
Sky divers do it in the air.
Skydivers are good till the last drop.
Skydivers do it at great heights.
Skydivers go down faster.
Skydivers go in harder.
Slaves do it for the maters.
Small boat sailors do it by pumping, rocking, and ooching.
Smalltalk programmers have more methods.
Snakes do it in the grass.
Soap manufacturers do it with Zest.
Soccer players do it for kicks.
Soccer players do it in 90 minutes.
Soccer players have leather balls.
Soccer players do it for kicks.
Sociologists do it with class.
Sociologists do it with standard deviations.
Software Testers do it over and over again.
Software designers do it with system.
Software designers do it over and over until they get it right.
Software reliablity specialists keep it up longer.
Soldiers do it standing erect.
Soldiers do it with a machine gun.
Sopranos do it in unison.
Soviet hardline leaders do it with tanks.
Sparrows do it for a lark (hearsay).
Speakers do it with pointers.
Spectroscopists do it until it hertz.
Spectroscopists do it with frequency and intensity.
Speech pathologists are oral specialists.
Spellcasters do it with their rods/staves/wands.
Spelunkers do it underground.
Spies do it under cover.
Sportscasters like an instant replay.
Sprinters do it after years of conditioning.
Sprinters do it in less than 10 seconds.
St. Matthew did it passionately.
Stagehands do it on cue.
Statisticians do it continuously but discretely.
Statisticians do it when it counts.
Statisticians do it with 95% confidence. 
Statisticians do it with large numbers.
Statisticians do it with only a 5% chance of being rejected.
Statisticians do it with two-tail T tests.
Statisticians do it.  After all, it's only normal.
Statisticians probably do it.    
Stewardesses do it in the air.
Stragglers do it in the rear.
Structured programmers  DO it OD.
Students do it as exercises.
Students use their heads.
Submariners use their torpedoes.
Supercomputer users do it in parallel.
Surfers do it in waves.
Surfers do it standing up.
Surfers do it with their wives, or, if unmarried, with their girl
Surgeons are smooth operators.
Surgeons do it incisively.
Swashbucklers do it with three feet of steel.
Swimmers do it in the water.
Swimmers do it with a breast stroke.
Swimmers do it with better strokes.
Swinging hackers Move Swapped.
SysOps do it with their computers.
System hackers are always ready.
System hackers get it up quicker.
System hackers keep it up longer.
System hackers know where to poke.
System hackers swap on demand.
Systems go down on their hackers.
Systems have black boxes.
Systems programmers keep it up longer.                           
TV repairmen do it with a vertical hold.
Tailors come with no strings attached!
Tailors make it fit.
Tailors come with no strings attached.
Tap dancers do it with their feet.
Taxi Cab drivers come faster.
Taxi drivers do it all over town.
Taxidermists mount anything.
Teacher Assistants do it with class.
Teachers do it repeatedly.
Teachers do it with class.
Techies do it behind the scenes. (as in stage hands)
Techies do it in the dark.
Techies do it on cue.
Technicians do it with frequency.
Technicians do it with greater frequency.
Teddy bears do it with small children.
Teddy Roosevelt did it softly, but with a big stick.
Tennis players cannot play with balls all day long (too tired).
Tennis players do it in sets.
Tennis players do it in their shorts.
Tennis players have fuzzy balls.
Testators do it willingly.
Trainees do it as practice.
Trombone players do it in 7 positions.
Trombones do it faster.
Trombonists use more positions.
Trump does it with cash.
Trumpet players blow the best
Tuba players do it with big horns.
Tubas do it deeper.
Typesetters do it between periods.
Typographers do it with tight kerning.
UNIX don't do it.
Ultimate players do it horizontally.
Undertakers do it with corpses.
Unix Programmers must C her's.
Usenet freaks do it with hard drives.                            
Usenet news freaks do it with many groups at once.
Ushers do it in the dark.
Usurers do it with high interests.
Vacationers do it in a leisure way.
Vagrants do it everywhere.  
Valuers really know the price.  
Vanguard do it ahead of everyone else.
Vegetarians don't do it with meats.
Vendors try hard to sell it.
Verifiers check on it.
Versifiers write poems for it.
Veterans have much more experience than the fresh-handed.
Veterinarians do it with sick animals.
Vicars do it with amazing grace.
Vicars substitute others to ...
Vice-president is always under the ...
Victims are those who got ...
Viewers do it with eyes.
Vilifiers say others don't do it well.
Villagers do it provincially.
Victors know how hard to win it.
Violinists do it gently.
Violoncellists do it low.
Virtuosi appreciate it.
Visitors come and see it.
Vocalists are good in their mouths.
Voles dick through it.
Volcanologists know how violent it can be.
Volunteers do it willingly.
Voters will decide who can do it.
Votarists decide to contribute themself.
Voyagers do it in between the sea and the sky.
Vulcans do it logically.
WW I GIs did it over there.
Waiters and waitresses do it for tips.
Waitresses serve it hot.
Water Skiers do it with cuts.
Welders do it with hot rods.
Well diggers do it in a hole.
Woodwind players have better tonguing.
Wrestlers try not to do it on their backs.
Zen Monks do it and don't do it.
Zippermakers do it on the fly.
Zoologists do it with animals.