Have a fry, get a high

MONROE, Conn. - Would you like some pot with those fries? Marijuana was
a secret menu item at a McDonald's restaurant, where
police say a drive-through window worker sold the drug in Happy Meals.
Mence Powell, 19, was arrested at his home Tuesday after
police said he sold undercover officers a burger, fries, soda and a side
order of marijuana on five occasions. "I don't know how he
could think that he could do this and continue to get away with it,''
Capt. Daniel Wall said. Powell would arrange the deal beforehand
and have customers pick up their orders from the window, police said. He
faces nine felony charges.


Hairy guard no victim, court finds

PORTLAND, Ore. - A security guard can't go forward with a lawsuit that
claims he was fired because of his hairy chest. A judge in
Portland, Ore., has dismissed Charles Murphy's lawsuit, saying he didn't
pursue all administrative avenues before filing it. A magistrate
found that Murphy lost his job because he violated a policy against
contacting clients, not because he has a lot of hair. Murphy taped
some of his chest hair to a note he wrote to a property manager after
she asked his supervisor to order him to cut off his chest and
neck hair. Several women employees had said they found the hair


Woman finds raining bucks

LANCASTER, Pa. - Teresa Roda was talking to her parents on her car phone
when she saw something that made her jump out and
run into traffic. "You're not going to believe this," she told them.
"There's money blowing down the street." Roda dodged speeding
cars Sunday as she chased down the swirling $100, $50 and $10 bills.
"But when you're chasing $100 bills, you have a lot of
motivation," she said. When she got back to her car she had $2,510, all
from a wallet lying in the street. Inside was a New York
driver's license and an ID belonging to Michael Civale, a student at
Franklin & Marshall college in this eastern Pennsylvania town.
Roda also found a Western Union receipt for $2,500. She gave the wallet
to police, who tracked Civale down and returned his cash.
Civale sent Roda a bouquet and a thank-you note Monday.


San Diego gorilla adopts abandoned young

SAN DIEGO - Alberta the gorilla spreads her love around. She quickly
adopted a baby lowland gorilla that had been abandoned by its
young mother after being born Saturday at the San Diego Wild Animal
Park. Alberta responded to the baby's hungry cries by picking it
up and nursing it, even though she is already caring for her own
10-month-old baby. It was only the second time on record that a
mother gorilla in captivity assumed the care-taking responsibilities of
another's newborn, park spokeswoman Debra Dunbar said
Monday. And it's unlikely that the biological mother, Penny, could get
the baby back even if she wanted. "Alberta seems to think it's
hers now," Dunbar said.


Rhea winds its way through neighborhood

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - There's a lot of critters in those Smokies, but South
American rheas? Tommy Prince was working in his back
yard Monday when he heard footsteps coming through some woods behind his
house in Knoxville, at the foothills of the Great Smoky
Mountains. "I looked up and (thought) it was an emu or an ostrich," said
Prince, a Knox County School Board member. It was
actually a runaway rhea, a tall, three-toed bird that looks like an
ostrich only smaller. The flightless bird apparently got away from its
owner and turned out to be fleet footed: It took two hours before one of
Prince's neighbors nabbed it. "He got in a thicket and when
he got tangled up, I grabbed him and just hung on," Sharon Howard said.
"It took everything I had to hold him." The bird was taken to
a vet, where it was resting comfortably awaiting its owner.

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