The Top Ten List

"Ways O.J.'s Life Will Be Different Now That He's Broke"

As presented on the 02/11/97 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN

10. Goodbye Bruno Magli...hello Hush Puppies!
9. His attorney for the appeal: a 14-year-old who once saw "Law and
8. Might have to do one of those humiliating "Milk Mustache" ads
7. He and Kato will be fighting over sofas to sleep on
6. Next time he kills somebody, he might actually go to jail
5. Will have to trade in his knit cap for a Mcdonald's hairnet
4. Before: golf with Warren Beatty. Now: bowling with guy who played
Dwayne on "What's Happenin'!"
3. Will have to start making shopping mall appearances with other famous
2. A.C. Cowlings will be driving O.J. from house-to-house on his paper
1. He'll have to make do with gloves that don't fit