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The Top 15 Things You'll Never 
                Hear at a Star Trek Convention
 15> "Will the owner of the red Porsche 911, license plate 
      'STUDMFN', please turn your headlights off?"  
 14> "Does this Star Fleet Academy uniform make me look fat?"  
 13> "Make it so, Baby, make it so."  
 12> "It's pointless to compare the original crew to the Next 
      Generation, since they're only fictional characters anyway."  
 11> "I dunno, sometimes I wonder if the show was really deserving 
      of all this attention."  
 10> "Kirk, Picard... what's the difference, they're both losers.  
      I'll take Will Robinson and Dr. Smith any day."  
  9> "I got laid last night!"  
  8> "Look!  It's Eddie Murphy!"  
  7> "You're nuts.  Swimming is by far the hardest part of any Iron 
      Man Triatholan."  
  6> "Oooh, Girlfriend -- Just look at all these hunks!  Set your 
      phaser for 'Love!'"  
  5> "If you think the brie's good, you should try the salmon pate."  
  4> "To Wong Fu, thanks for everything, Patrick Stewart."  
  3> "Dammit, Jim -- I'm a has-been actor, not an autograph-signer!"  
  2> "Jim Beam me up, Scotty."  
     and the Number 1 Thing You'll Never 
             Hear at a Star Trek Convention...  
  1> "Hey, guys, how 'bout we finish this conversation over a beer
      at the topless bar?"  	
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