I personally cannot vouch for this story, but it sounds possible.

-Brian Murphy

A true story with pictures (not included) to back it up. Seems a couple
got a brand new, top-of-the-line Jeep Cherokee for Christmas and drove
it to visit relatives in Michigan.  The guy decides to do that male
bonding ritual of duck hunting, so he picks a day and rounds up his

They load up the Cherokee with decoys, food, beer, guns, warm clothes,
etc., and head off for the lake.

Now it's a little known fact that when duck hunting in cold climates
like that, it's common to drive the truck out onto the ice.  It's also a
little known fact that, to break a hole in the ice for the decoys, a
stick of dynamite is commonly used.  Now this particular stick of
dynamite had a short fuse, estimated at 20 seconds or so.  Normally you
put the dynamite on the ice, light the fuse, and run away.  But with
only 20 seconds they didn't want to do that, they might slip while
running.  So the guy lights the fuse and throws the stick of dynamite
out onto the ice.

Their well-trained Labrador Retriever dashes out onto the ice and, just
as he's done several times before, picks up the stick (of lit dynamite)
in his mouth and starts running back to the group of guys. The guys
start yelling at the dog but, as he's played fetch so many times before,
he just keeps bringing the stick back to his master. One of the guys
thinks fast and loads his shotgun, and shoots the dog. Since it was
loaded with bird shot, the dog isn't hurt much and is confused.  The guy
shoots the dog again. The dog gets scared and runs, stick in his mouth,
under the Cherokee.

The Cherokee is now at the bottom of the lake. The insurance company
won't pay up because it was destroyed due to an illegal use of

The first payment of $475 was due December 15.  Only 59 more to go...

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