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>From: Patrick Newell 
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>From: Nick Zervas 
>Subject: BMW fixes transmission via dialup to car 
>My dad's new Beamer [1996 540i], ya' know, the ultimate driving machine,
>turned itself in to the ultimate PITA [pain...], as relayed by my dad: The
>automatic tranny locked up in OD after he nailed it, doing the ol' power
>downshift that automatics can do.  This left him quite overgeared and
>useless from a full stop.  The instrument panel read 'program missing ' or
>some such fibbishness. Back at Beamer local, the center-of-gravity guys
>found that he had a corrupted or missing tranny 'program'.  The Beamer
>system is designed to sense driving habits and adjust shifting patterns
>accordingly, storing the 'changes' in firmware.  Apparently, the nailing was
>outside dad's established params so the 'program' balked.  They had to
>connect the car to Beamer central in Munchen via dialup to download a fresh
>  [Evidently the extreme parameters resulted in either
>  a Variant Beamer or a Bavariant Creamer.  PGN]
"Many things, having full reference to one consent, may work contrariously;
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Henry V, I, ii, 205

		-William Shakespere