The Top 16 Surprises in the "Dukes of Hazzard" Reunion Movie 

 16> Role of Daisy Duke played by none other than John Goodman.
 15> Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane suddenly appears clever after hiring
     Deputy Vanatter.
 14> General Lee, repossessed by Chrysler, is replaced with a rented
     Geo Prism.
 13> In a shocking scene, we learn why Uncle Jesse's CB handle was
     "Shepherd" and the Duke boys were known as "Lost Sheep."
 12> Due to a tragic mix-up, Flash ends up on the menu at the
     Boar's Nest.
 11> General Lee always has turn signal on & Bo can barely see over
     the steering wheel.
 10> Luke's father is actually Darth Vader.
  9> Yikes!  Daisy's still wearing the same shorts, but she ain't
     the same size!!
  8> With the help of the Sierra Club, Uncle Jessie's beard was
     declared a nature preserve, and now harbors four types of
     endangered species.
  7> Prostate trouble makes climbing in and out of the General Lee
     a dicey proposition at best.
  6> Long-lost cousin David Duke returns to run for mayor on "Family
     Values" ticket.
  5> In a shocking plot twist, EVERYONE on the show admits to being
     a lesbian.
  4> Pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller makes his acting debut as the Sheriff.
  3> Chilling scene of "Jaws of Life" prying open the General Lee
     after Wopat's beer gut gets jammed under the steering wheel.
  2> The cliffhanger ending:  Will "Cousin McVeigh" rat them out in
 and the Number 1 Surprise in the "Dukes of Hazzard" Reunion Movie...
  1> General Lee's paint job?  Out: Confederate flag.
     In: Pink triangle.
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